sprinkling positivity

Learning to move forward when we’re stuck in life.

on February 6, 2015

We all find ourselves complaining about problems in our lives but never really doing anything to change them.

If there’s a situation in life that we cannot accept, that causes negative emotions then why don’t we change it?

It’s all to easy to sit there and constantly complain over and over about the same thing. We find ourselves playing the victim (yes me too!) Whilst we’re playing the victim we can go on to complain that the problem won’t go away, life is hard and it’s not getting easier over time. This is the way it will remain for years – That is unless we decide to DO something about it. We are all capable of changing things in our lives that make us unhappy.

Think – Does complaining about a problem solve it? It may get you some sympathy to start with but people will soon dissappear as they get tired of trying to help you, because we can only help ourselves.

Next time you find yourself complaining about a problem that you’ve had for weeks,months or years; think to yourself, how can I change this. What can I DO to change this situation.

Many problems revolve around relationships, work, finances or health.

Most of the time we are scared of tackling problems head on, we resist change but change is a part of life and something that is out of our control. Situations change, problems arise and we have to DO things to adapt and deal with them.

Our aim in life is to be happy

So search for a new job if the one you have leaves you unfulfilled, break up with your partner if they no longer make you happy, budget better or look for ways to earn more if your in a financial rut and look after yourself mentally and physically if you’re health is important to you.

Tackling problems in a positive way will leave you productive and with time a happier, healthier person.

Remember – we cannot change other people, we can only change ourselves! 🙂


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