sprinkling positivity

Observation is key

on February 6, 2015

We all know that our mind is a very busy place, constantly thinking and on the go during the time we’re awake and even in our sleep. However not many of us take time to tune in and observe the mind.

Have you ever stopped and took a step back to observe your thoughts?

Observing the mind is fundamental for health, in my opinion. The mind is a very powerful tool and we have to learn to observe it and rein it in, train our thoughts and take control. Otherwise the mind takes control of us.

Many people never even think of observing their minds, even though there’s a constant chatter in their head that they believe to be the truth.

If you were to observe your mind you would soon realize when you are judging, criticizing and making yourself feel guilty. We all do this unconsciously and it can be detrimental for our mental health.

By taking a moment to think about your thoughts you realize you are not your mind. When negative thoughts crop up, listen and observe them and then let them go.

Mind observation was a great healer for me – I was able to re-connect with myself and realize I wasn’t what my thoughts said.

For example while I was battling with mental health issues, I would have bad habits that I would do automatically, by training myself to slow down and actually think about what I was doing or what I had done I was able to observe what I had thought and realize what impact it had on me.

Sometimes I would look through a draw for a specific spoon that looked right. And there I would be looking through the cutlery draw searching through the spoons, I did this every day. Then when I was able to observe my mind I would stop and think – ‘Why am I searching for a specific spoon, a spoon is a spoon and I am just doing this out of habit.’ I would then challenge myself to just pick any spoon and use it.

Another example is sometimes I would be quick to judge someone by their appearance (as we all do from time to time) and then through observing the mind I can stop and think ‘actually you are just judging someone who you don’t know and they could actually be a really nice person and you wouldn’t want them to judge you based on your appearance’. I was then able to stop negative thoughts that don’t serve me – I would go on to have beautiful new friendships that never would’ve existed.

We are all capable of training our mind to observe our thoughts. Most people go through life thinking they are their mind, when in fact we are a soul with a mind and a body. If you quieten your mind, observe it, you will give your soul a chance to speak. Observing the mind has many benefits and can completely change your life as I have found out.

However none of us are perfect and I still struggle sometimes and get carried away with old habits, the important thing is to realize, observe and keep trying. Practise practise practise, it will make a huge difference to your life in a positive way.

Good luck! 🙂


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