sprinkling positivity

How Mind Observation can change your life

on February 8, 2015

Here is a list of the positive outcomes you will get from learning to observe your mind

– It will bring your awareness to bad habits that you will no longer need and can break.

– It will make you realize how you feel around certain people/places/things (If they cause horrible feelings you can then look back to why that feeling may arise and the issue behind it, it could transform your relationship with that person/place or thing).

– Bring awareness to how you see yourself as a person (see if you suffer from self-hatred,criticism, judgement, pity) etc.

– It will help you separate your minds constant chatter to your soul speaking (then you can find true happiness and fulfillment).

– If you’re suffering from any disordered thoughts/illness it can help you differentiate between the two. (The mind is very powerful and can play tricks when you have disordered thoughts, questioning them is then an option).

Mind observation does make us see how important mental health is and how it can affect physical health. It shows that the mind is so powerful and we underestimate it’s abilities.

I hope this helps if anyone struggles to realize the benefits of mind observation! 🙂


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