sprinkling positivity

Challenging our thoughts

on February 9, 2015

So now that we see that we are able to observe the mind and its destructive thoughts, how are we going to challenge them you may ask?

Training your mind to observe your thoughts and pick out the negative ones that cause you or others suffering will not happen overnight, it takes time and is a learning process, with time it will get easier until you are able to observe your thoughts most of the time. Think of it like learning to ride a bicycle, you keep practising and practising no matter how many times you fall off and you gradually get better and better until you master it.

Once we’ve got to the stage of becoming aware of our negative thoughts we then move on to challenging them.

Listen to the thought, observe it, question is this the truth, is this who I am & is this the kind of thought that does me good.

For example – A couple of days ago I met a woman who talked about herself and her story to anyone and everyone who would listen, we came to the conclusion that she must have some mental health problems from what she was saying.

I was quick to judge and see her as a nuisance, someone to avoid and somebody annoying who had no interest in other people as she was caught up in herself and her story.

It took me a while but I finally realized I hadn’t given this woman much of a chance, I was quick to judge and I didn’t really know her well at all. I know we’re all the same inside and we all just want to be loved so I went to the effort to put my judgement aside and get to know her. I found a woman who has been through a very difficult time from her childhood all through to her adult years and now she had found the light – she was happy. The reason she wanted to tell everyone her story is because she wanted them to understand how they can be happy too. She wants to end people’s misery. Perhaps she was telling people that didn’t want to listen but she had good intentions.

My conclusion is that by observing my mind and realizing I was being judgemental I was able to have a completely different view of a person and instead had empathy and understanding for someone instead of assuming they were a certain way.

Listen to yourselves, become aware if you’re being judgemental, critical or creating a bad habit/behaviour. Accept that negative thought and challenge it by doing the opposite.

I hope this isn’t too much babbling and makes sense!

Wishing you all well, we can all achieve great things.


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