sprinkling positivity

I am grateful for my body

on February 11, 2015

We’re all spirits having a human experience.

Therefore we are not our bodies, we are souls living a human experience through our bodies.

Without a body we would not be living this experience.

This is a great way to look past our flaws and see the beauty of our functioning bodies.

Looking at our bodies from this point of view shows us that calling ourselves fat, skinny, ugly does not serve us any purpose. Like everything in life we should be grateful for what we do have working, instead of looking at what doesnt work for us.

Today my affirmation is –

I am grateful for the gift of life through my body, my functioning limbs, my beating heart, my organs.

If you think of your body in this way then why would you ever want to harm it? Physcially or mentally.

You would have no need to criticize, compare or hate yourself.

You would feed yourself with wholesome foods, exercise and take time out to care for yourself.

An important message for us all (Me very much included). 


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