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Reminders for a bad day

on February 11, 2015

Yesterday I had a bad day. I felt guilty.. I had negative thoughts, then felt guilty for having them and then guilty for feeling guilty. The list could go on.

Instead I decided today would be a good day. Today was a good day, not the best but better.

Bad days don’t just happen so I decided to observe my mind for the trigger of my bad day. I felt tired, emotional and drained which resulted in negative body-image, food restriction and emotional eating.

Today I realized I have been giving out to much of my energy recently and although I have time to myself, I’m never really alone without disruptions or anxieties to finish on time to get somewhere etc.

It made me realize how important it is to take some time out for ourselves. to listen to ourselves. to observe our minds, our feelings, the body’s sensations. The past week or so I have been so involved with meeting new people, being social etc that I forgot to take care of my mental health, which then affects my moods and my physical health.

My mood was low and I began to have a sore throat and negative disordered thoughts.

However If we do feel like this the fantastic thing is to realize – We’ve become aware!!

Now that I am aware of my negative thoughts causing havoc with my mental and physical health, I can decide to change it! I will take some time out to be by myself and relax, no opinions, no conversation, no one to impress etc.

So this post is to inform you of a few things

1. We all have bad days (but the sun is always shining)

2. Observing the mind is the key to being aware of those negative thoughts creating havoc.

3. Taking time out to be by yourself is needed when you’re drained of energy. Sometimes we all just need some ‘me time’, without worrying what you look like, having to make conversation to avoid awkward silences, having to hold in a burp or fart in case someone hears you, doing what other people want to keep them happy.


LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL – The answers are all inside us 🙂


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