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Listening to the mind & body – emotions & feelings.

on February 17, 2015

So last week was a strange one for me, I knew i wasnt myself and I had negative thoughts, felt out of control with them so returned to old habits with negative thoughts towards nourishing myself and trying to fix things/people.

The difference is I’ve learnt so much on my journey, I was able to observe my negative thoughts and then challenge them instead of acting on them. It was a hard couple of days but instead of pushing it aside I was determined to get to the root of why I had these thoughts, why I was anxious and worrying over things and why I was beginning to have a sore throat.

I listened to my mind and body – feelings and emotions are good things, they’re trying to warn us that something is not right and we need to change it. From this I came to the realization that I must be emotionally drained, I had been in the same environment for 3 weeks, with a constant change over of people therefore a constant need to be sociable to greet new guests and get to know them.

However by giving all my energy away to socialize with these people and not have time to myself I was slowly running on empty. I was talking to the guests but not really connecting, I wasnt myself mentally and physically I began to have a sore throat and symptoms of a cold – because my body was trying to tell me – STOP take time out.

So thats exactly what I did. I took time out to myself, went to different surroundings and a different atmosphere.

I already feel back to myself! Recharged the batteries and that was just from a day away.

I am responsible for my mental and physical health, without it I cannot help others. This goes for us all.

This is why putting yourself first is a necessity.

From now on I’ll be sure to take time to myself as well as socializing with others – all in balance and moderation (like everything in life)!

Take care of yourselves, no one else can do it for you πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Listening to the mind & body – emotions & feelings.

  1. You are so right! It is so easy sometimes in our fast-paced lives to forget about numero-uno! ! Great post!


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