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4 Main points on looking after yourself

on February 24, 2015

Usually we spend so much time keeping everyone else happy, we forget about ourselves.

When we’re full of cold or feeling ill, we plough through doing chores at home and going into more stress at work.

We don’t stop and listen to our bodies or our minds, we don’t question why we feel this awful.

Emotions, feelings, pains, aches are all signals from our bodies/minds to tell us there’s something not right, we’re out of balance. We need to change this to get better.

Unfortunately these days its too easy to rely on medication that wipes away the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of what makes us ill in the first place. If we only just stopped and took a step out of the chaos and listen to ourselves, that’s when true healing really begins.

How to look after ourselves

– Eat nutritious food – 

We need nutrition for our bodies from wholesome foods, especially fruits and veg. We all have too much trust in our food industry when really it’s killing us. The chemicals and processes they use to create some processed packaged ‘food’ is creating diseases and is doing nothing for us nutritionally – hence why there’s so much more obesity and cancer these days.

What you put in your stomach affects your wellbeing. If you have a sluggish gut, it affects your mood. The same as when you have a sugar slump, everything we eat affects our bodies. 

So to look after ourselves it begins on the inside – what we put inside is us very important. Please be more aware of packaged ‘food’ and read the ingredients, you will see how many chemicals you’re putting inside you. If you were in a lab, you wouldn’t go drinking any chemicals that you’d never heard of before, what difference is it on a label – you’re putting an unidentified chemical into your system – that’s not really putting much care into your body.

Eating a healthy balanced diet makes you feel better mentally and physically.

– Have some ‘me’ time – 

We spend most of our time around other human beings and lets be honest it can be pretty draining if you’re around negative people, complaints and moans. We all do it at some point and theres no escaping that sometimes people drain our energy.

We all have such a big effect on each others lives, more than we’ll ever know. This is why its so important to have time out to yourself to reflect and collect your thoughts, accept them and feel them. Listen to yourself. De-clutter the mind and listen to your souls true calling. 

If we fail to connect with ourselves we fail to connect with other people. We become ill from stress, anxiety, tiredness – we can’t run on empty sometimes we just need to recharge the batteries, wether its a quiet night in, a weekend away or just a read for an hour. 

– Get Physical – 

We need to keep our bodies physical as part of being healthy, plus it can be great fun. We reap the benefits from sweating out toxins, feeling energised and the release of feel good hormones making us happy bunnies!

Yoga, dance and exercise classes are a great way to unwind, express yourself and it can be a great way to meet new people or find yourself a new hobby.

– Get enough sleep – 

This is very important as we need to recharge as I mentioned above. 

The recommended guide lines is to have 8 hours sleep a night. This is so we wake up refreshed and energised for the next day of work, family and friends. We need sleep to feel well physically and mentally as we do need a switch off at some point. 

Make it part of your routine to get to bed early with a magazine or book (keep away from technology for at least an hour before bed as it can keep you awake) and set your alarm so you don’t get up too late. It may be tough to begin with but your body will soon find it as normal and you will reap the benefits. 

I hope this helps if any of you find yourselves constantly ill, tired or lacking energy. 

Remember, We all deserve to give ourselves love, care and attention too!


2 responses to “4 Main points on looking after yourself

  1. TruLovExists says:

    As a college student, I find each of these tasks is very difficult for most students to follow. It’s so easy to get fast food in between studies, you try to fit in time to exercise but during any free time you have you look for a release from the stress from school and work if you’re doing that too, and as it goes for the sleep. Well, we all know how much sleep and college never got along in the same room. I myself am trying to practice each of these things whether or not I’m able to spend the amount of time on them that I wish I could. These are all very important points, as I have stated in my blog “The You that You don’t see”, people tend to even forget who they are because they get so caught up in life. These 4 points are all good exercises for people to keep their identity in tact, they each help to keep focus. So whether or not someone is able to do 4, I’d say that at least one of these things should be a part of someones routine, and they can steadily climb the ladder to the rest.


    • Thank you so much for taking time to read my post, I hope it helped in some way. I have been a student and i understand your troubles. It takes planning but you will reap the benefits. Perhaps try writting down some time management when you can prepare meals, cook too much so you have leftovers for your lunch etc so youre not grabbing fast food. Freeze healthy meals etc. Being physcial can add stress, i find yoga a great way to unwind mentally and it also tones the body, adds flexibility and core strength, or try a dance class with fellow students? a walk to clear the mind. Sleep is a toughie, you have to create routine and ear plugs are essential! I hope some of this helps 🙂 there’s always solutions out there, it just takes time to find them and put them to practise 🙂

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