sprinkling positivity


on February 24, 2015



That doesn’t count if you’re unhappy with everything going wrong in life, right? let’s say you’re job is wearing you down, your boss keeps demanding more and more from you, you don’t get paid enough so you’re unhappy from always being skint, you’re losing contact with your friends because you can’t socialise due to lack of money and to top that you’re boyfriend is no longer putting any effort into your relationship so you’re feeling pretty trapped and alone = very unhappy. 

In this scenario you might read ‘YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HAPPINESS’ and think pfft i wish it was that easy.

Let me tell you.. IT IS !(read on)

As human beings we like to complicate things – but really it is that simple. No one else can make us happy, only ourselves.

So if the scenario above is similar to something you’re going through you probably feel like you’re spiralling down a big black hole and its getting harder to see a way out.

The problem starts with the job. you’re not happy in your workplace = you can get a new job. Perhaps not right a way but if you think about the time you’ve probably sat down complaining about how unhappy you are or thinking about it – you could of been much more productive and searched, applied for jobs or handed out cvs. When we’re spending time feeling sorry for ourselves and complaining we’re being stuck. When we’re stuck the situation stays the same – to move forward we need to do something and become productive. 

In this situation you can search and apply for jobs, you can learn to say no to you’re boss and let them know you can’t cope with extra work at the moment, you can explain you’re situation and ask if a payrise would be possible, you can explain the circumstances to your friends and invite them for nights in or walks etc, you can be honest with your partner and explain either something needs to change or you finish the relationship. 

You can do lots of things to create your own happiness.  If you’re unhappy and not willing to make changes, instead just sit and moan about how bad life is at the moment (we all do it from time to time!) then we remain stuck in that same bad situation. If you’re unhappy and prepared to make changes – Happiness will come to you and you will move forward in life.


Remember, the sun is always shining 🙂

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