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How to help yourself move forward

on February 25, 2015

If you’re aware that you’re stuck in a situation that’s making you unhappy but really can’t get out of it on your own because you know how to but don’t know how to act upon it, here are a few steps that I hope may help..

– Seek help from a professional (counsellor, therapist, psychiatrist ) –

Many of us don’t want to go to the doctor and ask for help. First of all we’re stubborn and think we can do it on our own, we can, but sometimes we just need a helping hand to direct us on the right path. Secondly we feel embarrassed and ashamed, there’s stigma around mental health issues and some people may think that seeing a psychiatrist may mean you’re seen as a ‘nutter’. 

In truth, I think everyone could do with seeing a professional at some point in their lives, we have so many things that affect us and we don’t know how to deal or cope with it. life doesn’t have a instructions manual, we just learn from experience. Sometimes we need to seek help from a professional who has the answers to deal with that experience. My personal opinion is that the world would be a much better place if we could talk to counsellors about our negative thoughts – we would gain am deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

– Read self-help books – 

Reading books that you can relate with will help you begin to understand what you’re dealing with, realise you’re not alone and actually whoever wrote the book probably has changed their lives around by using the techniques you’re learning about. We learn so much from books, its important to read and put the work into practise. If you really can’t face going to a professional or have tried it and it wasn’t for you then please try reading some books. The people who write self-help books usually start off exactly at where you are right now, in despair looking for answers, then when they find them they want to share it with the world and help everyone else. Its amazing but for me reading certain books changed my way of thinking, which changed my life.

– Challenge yourself – 

Do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Get out of the comfort zone. That’s where you’re stuck at. To stay in the comfort zone without change means to stay in the same stuck sad situation. Life changes, people change and we evolve, don’t resist it. Challenging ourselves by going into uncomfort and the unknown can be the break through we need. It’s not about having strength, we’re all capable human beings – we’re more powerful than we’ll ever know.

(yes you, you are an amazing, strong, powerful human being!)

love and best wishes 🙂


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