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Recognising when the Ego takes over

on March 3, 2015

To mention briefly about the ego –

The ego is a false identity of self, we all do things in life that are acts of our ego, not our true self. For example, when we’re feeling competitive, wanting to be better than someone else, wanting to be right and the other person to be wrong, putting others down so we can feel superior about ourselves. I could go on, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all let our ego take over at some times. Most people associate ego with vanity, I certainly did. Whether we admit it or not, its a part of all of us. Living life through the ego’s acts is what causes arguments, misconception and suffering. The ego wants to be right, it takes things personally. Observing the mind, therefore observing when the ego starts to kick in, that’s what makes a difference.

So today I had an experience when I was able to observe my ego kicking in and what affect it had on that present moment.

This morning I stumbled out of my caravan and right in front of me was a beautiful blue and white peacock! I looked at it for maybe 20 seconds in amazement before reaching in my bag for my phone. During this time the peacock started walking away from me and I couldn’t actually get a great photo of it. I was pretty annoyed with myself for not having a better look at it whilst it was right in front of me, although I did follow it.

Later in the afternoon I went for a walk and was ready to sit down on a rock in the river when I noticed a turtle right in front of me. Looked at it for maybe 30 seconds and my natural instinct was to reach for my phone again! Just as I did the turtle got scared and jumped into the river and floated away.

So there I was sat on the rock thinking hmm I’ve done that twice in a day, what a coincidence, something up there is trying to teach me something. So I observed my mind, and yeah instead of actually looking at what I could see, these amazing animals right in front of me, I tried taking a photo. Perhaps that photo will be a good reminder of what I saw but surely the experience of them being right in front of my eyes would be more satisfying that a photograph.

I then questioned why, my initial reaction is to put photographs on facebook – hence this is where the ego starts to come in. My ego wanted to prove that I’m having an amazing time, finding amazing animals etc. In the process of letting the ego take over and trying to get photos for social media, I actually only captured max 1 min observing these animals close up.

So basically what I’m trying to say is – If i hadn’t of let me ego take over, I wouldn’t have photos to prove to people/social media but I would of had more time experiencing these amazing animals right in front of me.

Our ego’s want to post all the cool stuff on social media, the ego wants to prove itself to people to show that it’s having an amazing life etc. So after two times, I decided to learn from what I observed and instead try to refrain from posting so much on social media. Yes, I want to post thing for family & friends to know im safe, happy and enjoying but I don’t need to be doing it so regular and making it something to prove. Simply being able to say I had the most wonderful experience seeing a peacock and turtle up close, that should be enough. Otherwise our ego’s are constantly in competition with each other, making someone to be better than the other – that’s not who we are. We’re not separate, we’re all the same, have the same capabilities, there’s no need for justification or anyone to prove things to.

I smiled when I realised this. Bringing awareness to the Ego means being conscious. The ego can’t exist in consciousness.

And as I walked home, its like someone up there decided to give me my last gift – and to practise what I learnt.

A beautiful wild deer with a lovely print on it’s skin ran in front of me, so close. I simply watched it. I didn’t even think about grabbing for my phone because I’d learnt my lesson. Sometimes the experience of just watching and observing is enough.

Next time you go to post on social media, perhaps have a think to why you’re doing it. Sometimes we simply want to update, other times it’s because our egos want to look like we’re having a good time – that doesn’t mean in reality we are.



2 responses to “Recognising when the Ego takes over

  1. Amy says:

    I had the urge to take pictures when I saw the eclipse and was able to stop and enjoy it instead. There are plenty of times since then that I have opted instead to take that picture so I could boost my ego by posting it. Thanks for the reminder that being in the moment and not my ego is a wonderful experience.


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