sprinkling positivity

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

on March 6, 2015


We can’t change some situations, but we can change the way we view them.

Then we can change the emotional reaction we get from it.

If someone causes you pain my calling you ‘ugly’ for example. That will cause you hurt and pain.

The thought that that person doesn’t like me, maybe i am ugly, what have I done wrong – It’s those type of thoughts that cause you to feel suffering. You keep one situation in mind, one that causes you pain and you re-play it.

Where as you could view it completely different and think – ‘Actually that person must be very unhappy with themselves, i wont take it personally as if I hadnt been there it would’ve been someone else being called ugly’ – showing that the person needed to realease some negativity to reflect something they where going through.

Maybe then you can begin to think ‘That person must be going through something horrible that they are finding difficult to deal with’ and then you can start to empathise for the person who called you ugly and have compassion as they must be battling with some issues themselves.

People who are at peace and happy with themselves have no need to create conflict, drama, name calling or suffering for others.


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