sprinkling positivity

Surrender to the now

on April 4, 2015

This morning I was reading about surrender. As humans we relate surrender to giving up, although that’s our ego that feels like it’s giving up. Our egos don’t like surrendering because it makes the ego feel small, weak. This is why we end up arguing, reacting and defending our’self’ (ego). The ego wants to be right and doesn’t want to give up.

What happens when we surrender?

It feels uncomfortable perhaps to start with. Then with no reaction and simply a feeling of release, we are able to realise that yes the ego has had a knock down, leaving more room for our true self to come through.

Next time you get blamed for something, try to resist your natural instinct of reacting, defending or arguing to be right. The ego doesn’t care about truth, it just wants to protect itself. Instead do nothing, it doesn’t make you any less of a person if you know the truth inside. In fact it makes your ego smaller and your soul shows up more and more.

Reaction only fuels more reaction and drama. The opposite of peace. If we want peace in our lives then we have to practise it instead of letting the ego react to every situation. We surrender.

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