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Why challenges are great practise for self-observing

on May 7, 2015

Whilst travelling I come across some little challenges along the way, which is great because It means everything I practise and believe in, I have to put into reality. Or at least try my best, practise makes perfect.

Living in hostels is a great time for me to observe my thoughts, behaviour and actions. I am living with different people from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, languages, personalities and beliefs. Most of them very different to mine!

So you can imagine it’s quite difficult when I set an affirmation for the day to look after myself, pamper myself and have a early night sleep to rest my body.. then a group of what we would label ‘laddy lads’ come into the room off the party boat, stating it’s going to be a loud, drunken night from the after-party. The complete opposite to what I want.

Yet I live in a hostel, I have to learn to share and accept these things and make it work. I cannot expect them to change their plans for mine, the same as most situations in life. We cant expect people to give up their plans to suit ourselves, that would be selfish. But we can put ourselves first and make the most of a situation.

So in my case, I am accepting these guys are going to be loud and lairy, they are drunk and swearing and in my opinion have little respect for other people but I know they are unaware of this or it’s just not how they see it. It doesn’t mean I dislike them or think they’re horrible people, they’re just different to me on the outside and act unconsciously.

Instead of being upset that what I have planned for the night cant happen, I accept it fully. I focus my energy on ‘Is there anything I can do to change this’. So my options are to change room or go to sleep and hope they’re not to noisy. I decide to sleep in my friends room if this is possible, otherwise plan B will have to do.

I look at the bigger picture, it’s only one night. Not the end of the world. I cannot change the people or plans, I can change my own plans perhaps or accept things as they are.

With this acceptance, I feel at peace. I don’t feel annoyed, angry or frustrated like I might of done before I started to practise acceptance and observing my thoughts. I know in the past I would have judged them, said they were horrible men who disrespect women and they arent nice people. Now I know we are all the same inside on a deeper level, divine souls, they are just unaware of their potential and their ego’s take over so they behave unconsciously.

My challenge is also to be myself in this scenario. When one says ‘ let your hair down love’. I feel like responding that I do in other ways or that I don’t enjoy drinking until I dont remember and going to a bad club and wasting my money, but It would be the ego in me that would want to say this, to feel superior to them. I am no better or worse than them for not enjoying what they enjoy, I am just different. A little voice in my mind began to say, you’re so boring, thats what they must be thinking. But I’m not, I just dont enjoy what they do and that’s ok, I am not them. I am glad I have the courage to do as I please and that they do as they please.

I hope one day we can all respect that we have different interests and hobbies, it doesn’t make me boring and it doesn’t make them horrible.

Observe the little challenges that face you, observe your thoughts, words and actions. Think about your judgements, to yourself and to others. 🙂 Have the courage and strength to be yourself.

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