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Sometimes I am afraid to be myself.

Sometimes, I am afraid to be myself.

I am afraid to say what I really feel, to disagree with someone’s opinion, to stand up for what I believe in and to share my passion.

I feel a deep fire burning inside me that is almost like an itch.

It wants to dance but I allow it to dim from the shadows of a mask

I try to hide parts of myself that I am scared people won’t accept. Where does that unacceptance come from? I don’t accept it myself or I make assumptions about other people.

No matter how many times I cast a grey smog of smoke over my fire.. it stays lit, changing in different intensities at different moments.

Moments of intense pure joy come from sharing all of me with others, allowing my fire to dance as flames do.

Awareness brings a new moment, to constantly remind myself to be true. To me and to you.

Sharing is such a big part of my life now, sharing the journey of life with one another. connecting. learning. discovering.

So I finish with an intention to – accept me for me, and you for you.



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Listen to your Inner Childs desires


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Relating to your Inner Child

Remember when we where worry & stress free children? 

Then we had to grow up and become responsible adults and the world began to look very different.

Why is it that once we become responsible adults we seem to cut off everything we once enjoyed as children? Why is it that we forget to have care free moments and do what we desire instead of what we ‘should’ do?

Think about the fun things that you did as children

– Go wondering, exploring on exciting adventures

– Climb trees 

– Paint, draw and colour in

– Rolling down hills 

– Make hiding dens/inside tents

Thats just naming a few thing I have really fun memories as a child.

Working with children for 3 months opened my eyes and I began to question why I never draw anymore as It’s so therapeutic and i really enjoy it. 

There’s no law to say adults cant climb trees, make dens or paint. We just don’t see at as acceptable by society, we’d be embarrassed or scared people would think we’re mad. But not going exploring, making dens and climbing trees because we’re 10 years older and scared of other peoples opinions – isnt that the real madness?

Most of the time we have to be responsible adults, so why shouldn’t we have fun without it involving alcohol, partying and watching movies. How refreshing would it be to do something you did as a child.

Since I questioned my belief as to why I don’t do these enjoyable things I have returned to many

– I now read books again

– I draw every week as a hobby

– I go exploring on my own, finding new magical places. (I end up singing loudly in the middle of nowhere)

The other day I stumbled across a group of people dancing at 10am completely sober. I stood watching in awe for 5minutes thinking what fun it looked like. So for the first time in many years I got up on my own and joined a group of people dancing, we were completely sober and really going for it. Dancing like nobody’s watching when in fact you’re surrounded by people. That felt exhilarating. 

I’m not saying we can act like children or pretend to be a child because that’s not the truth, but there’s nothing wrong with exploring what you enjoyed doing as a child and adding it into your adult life.

Whether you agree or not, I’ll be the crazy one rolling down the hill – you can decide to join me or watch the fun I’m having from the sideline! 

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