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Surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be :) 


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Accepting the now – that is all you have

The moment right now is all we have.

The past is un changeable, the future is unpredictable and the now is all we have.

We all struggle with accepting things that are happening sometimes in the now.

The now always consists of things that are happening.

Eckhart tolle said – many things that happen, they’re all fleeting moments. Things, bodies and egos, events, thoughts, situations, emotions, desires, fears, dramas and ambitions. They come, pretend to be all important and before you know it they’re gone. Dissolved into the nothing of which they came.

How many times have you worried, stressed yourself out or suffered because of resistance to something that was happening in the now? I have plenty of times. ‘Why is this happening to me’, ‘It isn’t fair’, ‘I hate life’. This is all resistance to accepting something. We make life difficult when we resist what’s happening in the now.

Let’s say we are about to lose our house. This is a stressful, worrying and tense time. If we take a step back and look the situation rationally – it’s happening. We can spend time burying our heads in the sand, refusing to look forward and complaining that this is happening – creating suffering and essentially being stuck in the situation.

Or we can be accepting. This is happening right now – it isn’t going to be forever, it’s a fleeting moment. In the future we will look back and learn from this event. Accept it’s happening and use the energy to be productive and think forward instead of wasting energy on self pity , drama, complaining. (All of which is resistance).

We spend so much of our lives resisting what’s happening, wasting energy on things we cannot change. Surrendering and accepting the now is all we can do. If there’s something ‘bad’ happening right now in life, know that it won’t be forever. Think of previous events that seemed so bad, with time they got better. The now is forever changing, things that happen are forever changing. We can go with the flow of whatever happens and not let it affect us negatively or we create suffering by wishing it wasn’t happening.

The sun is always shining.

Whether it’s behind the clouds some days, the sun will always come out shining soon enough.

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What I see in you is a reflection of myself


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Accepting the present moment and becoming aware of the ego resisting it

Yesterday I was questioning my feelings over something. I had shared a lovely day with someone who I really connected with. In my rational mind I knew this was the only day we’d spend together and whilst travelling I agreed with myself it would be best not to continue messaging etc afterwards because that’s how relationships gets complicated. I felt happy and accepted that I had a wonderful day and to keep it that way. Yet a small part of my ego wanted more though, just a goodbye message etc. Yet I knew a goodbye message wouldn’t be enough and I’d want others – this would complicate things and develop attachment.

So I began to question why did my ego want this message? I wanted proof that this had been a special day. My ego wanted to be special. Although I knew it deep down, my ego wanted the clarification and the drama. My true self wanted peace, acceptance and happy memories to leave things as they had been perfect.

By wanting more than what was happening in the present moment I was creating suffering and unhappiness. The ego always wants more, seeks drama and attachment and will want to be special. It was very interesting to observe this going on in my mind whilst I knew deep within myself that the better choice I had was to be content with the present moment. To flow freely and accept I’d met this person and we had created lovely memories. I didn’t truly want attachment or feelings to grow as this would only add drama to my life, I want to be free.

Many of us aren’t aware when the ego seeks attachment and I wasn’t aware until days later. The ego always wants more than what the present moment gives, therefore we feel discontent, unhappiness and focus on what we don’t have or what we wish we could have. Although sometimes we’re caught up in the ego and by taking a step back in reality we realise that’s not what we want at all. It’s very interesting, so next time you find yourselves feeling like you want something more, question why that is. Is that you or is just your ego? Everything happens for a reason so accepting that some things happen and others don’t, it’s all for a reason.


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Live in the present

Today I was able to connect with a lovely lady from Amsterdam. She was very open and honest with me, although we were merely strangers she cried with me and I comforted her and then listened to what was behind her pain.

That’s what we can create when we are simply real with ourselves and each other. We let people in and they can help us. We let go of the horrible thoughts and negative emotions and get rid of them, we let them flow out of our bodies through words, tears and emotions. 

This lovely lady is on her journey after suffering from depression for years after pushing and plodding on through life doing what was expected of her instead of what she wanted, that would make her happy. After years of doing things to please others, she forgot who she was.. she was living her life as a person other people wanted her to be.

She has overcome many things yet she was sat crying with me. I asked her why.

She felt hurt, hurt that she had wasted years of her life being depressed and feeling so negative about herself and life.

I then questioned her – In 5 years time won’t you look back at this time now and think exactly the same, you’re finding yourself yet you’re still living in the past, beating yourself up about wasting years being depressed. I said, isnt that exactly what you’re doing now, wasting this present moment, beating yourself up, hurting yourself, over the past years that cant be changed?

She looked at me like a light had just gone off – it all made sense.

The present moment is all we have, with it we create our future. So this lady was wasting more time of her life beating herself up over the past that cannot be changed. Its something we all do. beat ourselves up, regretting something that happened in the past, thinking what ifs – but the truth is we’re wasting our lives living in the past. we can only change the future as we create it in the present moment. 

I hope this helps anyone who finds themselves always thinking in the past, wishing it could have been different. 

Sometimes we have to accept things that happened, leave them in the past and let go.

Then we can concentrate on living and doing things in the present moment to create the future we want.

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Live in the now


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