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Loosen up your body until you come undone

Yes I know, it’s Pitbull. But I’m sorry this song is too catchy.

I rocked up out the shower and this song started playing and I couldn’t stop myself from breaking out in moves.

Im not sure what those moves where and if you’d even call it dancing, but who cares, it made me laugh and smile and feel reaaaaaaaal good. A real good release.

So go ahead, listen to the song and loosen up your body until it comes undone. Dance away any negativity, move your body in any way you like, just be free.

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Are you creating happiness or suffering for yourself?

Most of us hate the thought that we suffer because of our own thoughts or that we create unhappiness for ourselves. We want to blame someone else or other people’s actions or life situations for causing these negative emotions within us. But does that change or transform them? No, it’s just not accepting responsibility.

Im writing this post because I want us all to understand we are responsible for our happiness and for our suffering, when you understand that then you understand you have control over your thoughts and emotions and they don’t control you. Therefore you have the power and control over your happiness and suffering. You choose how to look at things and that’s what decides whether you are sad or happy.

And you may ask how? Whenever you’re sad or suffering in any form whether it’s anger, frustration, depression – question yourself -‘what thoughts am I thinking about myself and others?’ Because everything comes from thought. Thoughts manifest our reality and create our lives because a thought comes through in our words, actions and feelings.

Feelings of anger or resistance may arise within you from what I have just said, that’s not you that’s just the ego that’s inside each and every one of us. Put your ego aside and try it. Go through that feeling of resistance..

For example let’s say you are suffering because you’re feeling like the odd one out in your group of friends, perhaps you feel like you’re not as attractive, you don’t enjoy the same hobbies as them and you feel like they all know what they want in life because they’re smart and you have no idea and feel dumb. Think how those thoughts may be affecting your life. They are full of negativity, putting yourself down, comparing yourself to others and putting pressure on you.

So now you have awareness you would be able to identify these negative thoughts about the situation that makes you unhappy – great! Now you can change that because you have control over your thoughts. To turn it into a positive perspective, recognize that comparison is the thief of joy, there is no point comparing your beauty to another as we are all unique, there’s no one else on the planet like you and that is beautiful in itself. Focusing on what we do like about ourselves creates happy thoughts , whilst for example – perhaps wishing you had darker skin or bigger hips When in reality you are pale and slim, will only cause suffering because that’s not your body, it’s resisting what you are. show love for what you are and embrace it instead of trying to be something you’re not. Embracing our natural beauty is much easier than resisting and trying to change it!

we all have unique paths and different journeys, there is no smart and dumb because we all excel at different things and we’re all lacking in other things, sometimes it takes longer to find out what we excel in but isn’t that exciting, knowing there’s something out there to discover and be great at, you just have to experiment and try new things which is wonderful anyway.

You see everything changes when you change your perspective on things.

you decide whether you bring yourself suffering or joy.

i understand sometimes it’s difficult to see the other way of thinking if you’re too caught up in it, so perhaps ask a friend or write it down. Ask me and il happily try to find a positive outlook on a situation for you.

remember to take time out to think to yourself -what thoughts am I thinking that is creating this suffering or this happiness? Either is good to observe!

the sun is always shining 🙂

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Feelings are our friends

How many times have we said, ‘I wish I didn’t feel like this’, ‘I wish I didn’t have these feelings for this person’, ‘I wish feelings didn’t exist sometimes’. I know I’ve said those words many times.

So let’s talk about our feelings.. how are you feeling?

In simple – If you are feeling good then you are thinking good thoughts. If you are feeling bad, you’re thinking bad thoughts.

Our feelings are directly linked to our thoughts, it’s our bodies clever way of letting us know what we’re thinking! Although most of the time we resist our feelings, unaware that we’re bringing them on ourselves by what we’re thinking!

So imagine how you’re life can change once you become aware of your feelings and accept them as your own creation, instead of resisting them and wishing you felt happier etc.. you can, you just need to change your thoughts!

‘Your feelings tell you very quickly what you’re thinking. Think about when your feelings suddenly took a dive – maybe when you heard some bad news. That feeling in your stomach was instant. Those butterfly feelings in your stomach when you meet up with someone you love. The heavy feeling of your chest when you’re sad. ‘ – The Secret

Feelings are our friends. They can bring us awareness to changing our thoughts. If you’re feeling depressed, angry, frustrated, upset, then you’re having bad thoughts. Only you can change that and choose to think positive thoughts.

You can choose to think positive thoughts by creating affirmations, focusing on the good. smile to yourself. do something you enjoy.

Don’t resist your feelings, face them head on as they are the key to bringing awareness to your thoughts. Feelings are the best indicator to letting you know what’s going on in your mind. It is impossible to be feeling bad and have good thoughts at the same time. If you are feeling bad it is because your are thinking thoughts that are making you feel bad.

Remember, through awareness we take control of our own minds, taking control of our life and creating a better one.

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Relating to your Inner Child

Remember when we where worry & stress free children? 

Then we had to grow up and become responsible adults and the world began to look very different.

Why is it that once we become responsible adults we seem to cut off everything we once enjoyed as children? Why is it that we forget to have care free moments and do what we desire instead of what we ‘should’ do?

Think about the fun things that you did as children

– Go wondering, exploring on exciting adventures

– Climb trees 

– Paint, draw and colour in

– Rolling down hills 

– Make hiding dens/inside tents

Thats just naming a few thing I have really fun memories as a child.

Working with children for 3 months opened my eyes and I began to question why I never draw anymore as It’s so therapeutic and i really enjoy it. 

There’s no law to say adults cant climb trees, make dens or paint. We just don’t see at as acceptable by society, we’d be embarrassed or scared people would think we’re mad. But not going exploring, making dens and climbing trees because we’re 10 years older and scared of other peoples opinions – isnt that the real madness?

Most of the time we have to be responsible adults, so why shouldn’t we have fun without it involving alcohol, partying and watching movies. How refreshing would it be to do something you did as a child.

Since I questioned my belief as to why I don’t do these enjoyable things I have returned to many

– I now read books again

– I draw every week as a hobby

– I go exploring on my own, finding new magical places. (I end up singing loudly in the middle of nowhere)

The other day I stumbled across a group of people dancing at 10am completely sober. I stood watching in awe for 5minutes thinking what fun it looked like. So for the first time in many years I got up on my own and joined a group of people dancing, we were completely sober and really going for it. Dancing like nobody’s watching when in fact you’re surrounded by people. That felt exhilarating. 

I’m not saying we can act like children or pretend to be a child because that’s not the truth, but there’s nothing wrong with exploring what you enjoyed doing as a child and adding it into your adult life.

Whether you agree or not, I’ll be the crazy one rolling down the hill – you can decide to join me or watch the fun I’m having from the sideline! 

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Be Kind to Yourself


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That doesn’t count if you’re unhappy with everything going wrong in life, right? let’s say you’re job is wearing you down, your boss keeps demanding more and more from you, you don’t get paid enough so you’re unhappy from always being skint, you’re losing contact with your friends because you can’t socialise due to lack of money and to top that you’re boyfriend is no longer putting any effort into your relationship so you’re feeling pretty trapped and alone = very unhappy. 

In this scenario you might read ‘YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HAPPINESS’ and think pfft i wish it was that easy.

Let me tell you.. IT IS !(read on)

As human beings we like to complicate things – but really it is that simple. No one else can make us happy, only ourselves.

So if the scenario above is similar to something you’re going through you probably feel like you’re spiralling down a big black hole and its getting harder to see a way out.

The problem starts with the job. you’re not happy in your workplace = you can get a new job. Perhaps not right a way but if you think about the time you’ve probably sat down complaining about how unhappy you are or thinking about it – you could of been much more productive and searched, applied for jobs or handed out cvs. When we’re spending time feeling sorry for ourselves and complaining we’re being stuck. When we’re stuck the situation stays the same – to move forward we need to do something and become productive. 

In this situation you can search and apply for jobs, you can learn to say no to you’re boss and let them know you can’t cope with extra work at the moment, you can explain you’re situation and ask if a payrise would be possible, you can explain the circumstances to your friends and invite them for nights in or walks etc, you can be honest with your partner and explain either something needs to change or you finish the relationship. 

You can do lots of things to create your own happiness.  If you’re unhappy and not willing to make changes, instead just sit and moan about how bad life is at the moment (we all do it from time to time!) then we remain stuck in that same bad situation. If you’re unhappy and prepared to make changes – Happiness will come to you and you will move forward in life.


Remember, the sun is always shining 🙂

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Do the things you love in life

Let’s face it. We all grow up at some point, unfortunately! But why is it that the fun all seems to stop and life gets so serious?

We tend to forget to do what we enjoy and love and over time forget about those things completely. We forget who we are and what makes us happy.

Think back to when you were a child – what did you enjoy doing then? Why did you stop? There isn’t a law that says adults can’t climb trees, make dens, play a game, draw and paint.

Back in September it dawned on me one day that I had stopped reading, whilst as a child growing up I loved reading, I gave it up when I started high school because It wasn’t the ‘cool’ thing to be into. Being a book worm.

I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who grew up and lost their passions along the way. Take time to delve into your childhood and explore things that used to give you so much pleasure.

Make a list of your 5 favourite things and do one each day.

For example here’s what my list looks like –

– Reading books

– Dancing

– Drawing/doodling

– Puzzles/Sudoku

– Learning about nature, making things with it.

I do at least one of these each day because life is too short to only be serious, let your inner child have some fun!! 🙂

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5 Ways to have Happy Days!

Here are 5 simple things you can incorporate into your day to make it a happy one 🙂

– Smile at everyone

– Wish people a lovely day

– Say your please and thank you, appreciate what others do for you

– Do at least one thing for yourself, not something you should do but something you want to do.

– Tell someone you love them (Including yourself in the mirror!)

Now, go on, HAVE A LOVELY DAY! 🙂

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