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How is the way you talk about yourself affecting your life?

At some point we will think or talk about ourselves negatively.

I don’t know about you but I’ve heard myself say (in my mind, or out loud), things like –

‘I’m sad, im stressed, im angry, im fat, Im boney, Im spotty, Im not happy.’ etc

I’ve heard many other people say these things out loud too, but in fact those words in themselves are giving out negative vibes. Negative words cannot bring us positive lives.

So if we actually observe the situation and accept yes sometimes we do feel sad, stressed and angry. That’s not you or me as people though. I am not a angry human being, Angry is a feeling therefore I simply feel angry but thats not who i am.

Do you see the difference? Deep down in our souls we are not angry, we don’t like or want to be angry. So when we say we simply feel angry, we realize that actually it’s just a feeling at this present moment, that will pass and it no longer seems such a big deal. Accepting feelings and even just using the words correctly makes a big difference.

The same goes for I’m fat or I’m boney. Yes I have fat, yes I have bones.. thank god!

Therefore next time we go to say im fat or im boney, instead we can say ‘I have fat, like everyone else, perhaps more than I’d like but I can change that If i choose too. I am not fat but I have fat.’ It makes you see it in a completely different way, fat doesn’t define you as a person and neither do bones.

Words and feelings only define us as people if we let them. What we think and say creates our reality, so if we say things as they really are then we can see that they’re not us as people.

Have a think, what do you define yourself as?

Next time you do have negative feelings, simply recognise them as exactly that – feelings. We all know feelings come and go, they change. You are not an sad person, you are in fact a divine amazing person who might have sad feelings at this present moment.

I used to say I am unattractive because I have spots. When in fact I am a beautiful person who has spotty skin. The same goes for cellulite, I used to say I am unattractive because I was unhappy with one small piece of how my body looked on the behind. I am not cellulite though or wobbly, I have a limbs that work and move and take me from A to B, and they happen to have some cellulite on them. Because I am human, as are you.

If we focus on the negatives, the little details we don’t like about ourselves then that’s the only place we focus. We don’t look at the bigger picture, we don’t see that we are amazing creatures, capable of endless possibilities with beating hearts and healthy bodies.. because we’re too caught up on our love handles – we focus on one negative and let it define us as a person.

Well let me tell you – Whatever size, shape, colour you are. you are amazing. So take a step back and appreciate all that you are, for the flaws and imperfections included, because theres no one else like you. you’re one of a kind, that in itself is beautiful.


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