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Looking after me, so I can look after you :)

I wasn’t going to write a post this evening about this, I wanted to write a post about something I read earlier. However I am feeling slightly exhausted and can sense a sore throat coming on so instead of forcing myself to focus my energy on this, tonight I will pass on that subject. Not because I want to but because I know I will benefit more from it If i concentrate on myself this evening, which will then benefit you guys as readers tomorrow when I am fully in the zone of writing. I like to give all my focus and energy in my posts so they can be enjoyed 🙂

Sometimes we just forget to take care of ourselves, we’re too busy helping others, not that its a bad thing at all. we just have to be careful that we are not running on empty.

In society this is often mistaken for selfishness, this is why so many of us get ill and keep plodding on. We don’t take care of ourselves because we’ve grown up with the belief that it’s being selfish. For example, How many times have we gone to work even though we’ve felt like death and not wanted to leave bed? Is that selfish? No, take care of yourself, then you will heal properly and quicker, benefitting your boss, co-workers and customers.

Our bodies are great, they send us warning signs if we’re not taking proper care of ourselves, so listen to your body!

And on that note, I have eaten my greens and had a nutritious dinner, my eyes are heavy so I’m off to bed with a cuppa and honey to soothe the throat. Knowing I will wake up tomorrow morning, refreshed and vibrant. Ready to write you a guys an interesting post that has my full attention, energy and enthusiasm.

Remember guys, to take care of others we have to take care of ourselves first! 🙂

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Let us not define who we are now, by what happened in the past. Let it go.

Let us not define who we are NOW, by what happened in the PAST.

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