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Take a little time out for yourself daily

I have been practising self-observation, personal growth and development over 6 months now and so I have come to recognize when I am out of touch with myself. Disconnected.

The funny thing is, I am beginning to observe these times also, proving very interesting.

The past two weeks I was in a new environment, attempting to settle in and get used to my surroundings and keeping busy, dismissing my usual personal practises.

The interesting thing was, the less I practised yoga, reading and writing to myself in notes or my journal โ€“ the more I was seeking outside, through facebook, looking up pointless things on the internet to pass time.

I actually had a very odd feeling within myself, like a gap. A feeling of disconnected, I wasnt giving the mind and body the time and attention it needed to observe and sort out my thoughts and feelings.

Essentially neglecting myself, seeking fulfillment from outside, procrastinating on facebook and not achieving anything with my time. Itโ€™s funny how easily we can fall into a habit of doing so and without even the awareness.

I feel a much happier, less anxious person when I am being productive with my time, making time for myself and limiting my use of internet, social media and phone contact. It takes effort, motivation, self-discipline and awareness to cut out the latter or limit technology usage, set aside time for ourselves, to be on our own and listen to ourselves.

Listening to ourselves is an act of kindness and love, please donโ€™t neglect yourself. Dedicate time out of your day to look after your mental and physical wellbeing. As you would for exercise, take time out to observe how you feel, take five minutes to do a breathing exercise, write down your thoughts.

Re-connect with yourself. You will find yourself feeling happier and connecting with all aspects of life in a positive way.

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Are you creating happiness or suffering for yourself?

Most of us hate the thought that we suffer because of our own thoughts or that we create unhappiness for ourselves. We want to blame someone else or other people’s actions or life situations for causing these negative emotions within us. But does that change or transform them? No, it’s just not accepting responsibility.

Im writing this post because I want us all to understand we are responsible for our happiness and for our suffering, when you understand that then you understand you have control over your thoughts and emotions and they don’t control you. Therefore you have the power and control over your happiness and suffering. You choose how to look at things and that’s what decides whether you are sad or happy.

And you may ask how? Whenever you’re sad or suffering in any form whether it’s anger, frustration, depression – question yourself -‘what thoughts am I thinking about myself and others?’ Because everything comes from thought. Thoughts manifest our reality and create our lives because a thought comes through in our words, actions and feelings.

Feelings of anger or resistance may arise within you from what I have just said, that’s not you that’s just the ego that’s inside each and every one of us. Put your ego aside and try it. Go through that feeling of resistance..

For example let’s say you are suffering because you’re feeling like the odd one out in your group of friends, perhaps you feel like you’re not as attractive, you don’t enjoy the same hobbies as them and you feel like they all know what they want in life because they’re smart and you have no idea and feel dumb. Think how those thoughts may be affecting your life. They are full of negativity, putting yourself down, comparing yourself to others and putting pressure on you.

So now you have awareness you would be able to identify these negative thoughts about the situation that makes you unhappy – great! Now you can change that because you have control over your thoughts. To turn it into a positive perspective, recognize that comparison is the thief of joy, there is no point comparing your beauty to another as we are all unique, there’s no one else on the planet like you and that is beautiful in itself. Focusing on what we do like about ourselves creates happy thoughts , whilst for example – perhaps wishing you hadย darker skin or bigger hips When in reality you are pale and slim, will only cause suffering because that’s not your body, it’s resisting what you are. show love for what you are and embrace it instead of trying to be something you’re not. Embracing our natural beauty is much easier than resisting and trying to change it!

we all have unique paths and different journeys, there is no smart and dumb because we all excel at different things and we’re all lacking in other things, sometimes it takes longer to find out what we excel in but isn’t that exciting, knowing there’s something out there to discover and be great at, you just have to experiment and try new things which is wonderful anyway.

You see everything changes when you change your perspective on things.

you decide whether you bring yourself suffering or joy.

i understand sometimes it’s difficult to see the other way of thinking if you’re too caught up in it, so perhaps ask a friend or write it down. Ask me and il happily try to find a positive outlook on a situation for you.

remember to take time out to think to yourself -what thoughts am I thinking that is creating this suffering or this happiness? Either is good to observe!

the sun is always shining ๐Ÿ™‚

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A daily Affirmation on being confident with who you are

I have confidence to fully express myself, whatever I am feeling I honour it and flow with it. I am acting only in confidence because I truly believe in myself and know that I am a beautiful person. I know others can see the beauty within me as I see the beauty within them – that divinity comes from the same place. Being confident means knowing who I am and who I want to be – having no shame, embarrassment or resistance as I transcend into acceptance, embracing all that I am and being sure that I love who i am because essentially I am whoever I choose to be, I have that power within myself.

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Sometimes the mistake we make is to tell ourselves something is hard. If we tell ourselves its going to be hard, how can it be easy? Our mind is putting that negative vibe out that it’s going to be hard.

‘Its too hard to change my beliefs and negative thoughts’

‘Breaking this bad habit is going to be hard’

‘This essay is going to be so hard to do’

‘It’s so hard to lose weight’

‘I have to work hard to make a lot of money’

‘It’s too hard to get work’

Think about what you’re thinking and saying.. turn it into something positive!

The sun is always shining ๐Ÿ™‚

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What you think, you become

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Our thoughts affect our whole lives

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Looking after me, so I can look after you :)

I wasn’t going to write a post this evening about this, I wanted to write a post about something I read earlier. However I am feeling slightly exhausted and can sense a sore throat coming on so instead of forcing myself to focus my energy on this, tonight I will pass on that subject. Not because I want to but because I know I will benefit more from it If i concentrate on myself this evening, which will then benefit you guys as readers tomorrow when I am fully in the zone of writing. I like to give all my focus and energy in my posts so they can be enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes we just forget to take care of ourselves, we’re too busy helping others, not that its a bad thing at all. we just have to be careful that we are not running on empty.

In society this is often mistaken for selfishness, this is why so many of us get ill and keep plodding on. We don’t take care of ourselves because we’ve grown up with the belief that it’s being selfish. For example, How many times have we gone to work even though we’ve felt like death and not wanted to leave bed? Is that selfish? No, take care of yourself, then you will heal properly and quicker, benefitting your boss, co-workers and customers.

Our bodies are great, they send us warning signs if we’re not taking proper care of ourselves, so listen to your body!

And on that note, I have eaten my greens and had a nutritious dinner, my eyes are heavy so I’m off to bed with a cuppa and honey to soothe the throat. Knowing I will wake up tomorrow morning, refreshed and vibrant. Ready to write you a guys an interesting post that has my full attention, energy and enthusiasm.

Remember guys, to take care of others we have to take care of ourselves first! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Everything is exactly as it should be

If any of you tend to worry about trying to fix/change people or situations because there’s something wrong, then here’s a post for you.

I always tend to look for something wrong. I pick up on the energy quite easily if there is something wrong. And then I want to be the super hero and help and fix it. I take it on as my own and I use up all my energy trying to fix a person or situation.

However I’m learning that by actually asking someone ‘how are you really’, its initiating there’s something wrong, so I basically invite that something wrong into the space. I attract that negative energy because im looking for it, so I can try to fix it.

Perhaps I need to work on why I need to fix everything around me, to make me feel better about myself? To make me feel needed perhaps. I know many people who try to fix things, people who stay in unhappy relationship because they can fix a partner, people who foster so they can fix a child etc.

If this sounds like you, take into account something a lovely friend of mine said –

‘Everything is perfect. Everything is exactly as it’s meant to be, so there’s nothing wrong. therefore there’s nothing to be fixed. Everything is happening for a reason.’

Something I’m definitely going to be working on ๐Ÿ™‚

Good luck

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Take control of your mind – take control of your life


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